Surety Bonds and Other Hidden Costs Entrepreneurs Should Plan For

When starting a business, entrepreneurs know they need to plan a budget that funds, at minimum, the entire first year of operating costs. Unfortunately, hidden start-up costs almost always come along with starting a new business. These hidden costs often result in a shortage of funding at inopportune times. As such, entrepreneurs should identify all […]

A Visual Look at US Angel Investing

The image below is the first of its kind – issued by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and CB Insights, the Halo Report image provides us with new and graphic information regarding the Angel Investment world. Some of the highlights we took from the report: California leads in deals and dollars among individual states at 21% of investment Median angel group […]

Is New York Fostering a New Silicon Valley?

New data coming out of New York is showing that the New York’s technology venture capital (VC) scene is growing at rapid rates. As “Tech VC King of the East”, New York still can’t compare to the tech champion that is California – however, its rapid growth in the last two years proves to be […]

How to Up your Networking Game

This year’s SXSW Convention, a nine day crossroads of music, film, technology and entrepreneurship, provided us with a great amount of information regarding emerging technologies and entrepreneurial knowledge. One great article we read over at Mashable gave a play by play of some great networking tips we thought we would share here at The Startup […]

Visually Understanding Telecommuting for your Business

A visually stunning online poster courtesy of Keller, breaks down just how much telecommuting affects businesses in the modern age. While working from home isn’t for everyone, it is a smart idea to keep it in mind depending on the needs and wants of your business.   Whether you have a question about Telecommuting, or you’d like […]

The 4 To-Do’s of Starting your own Business

We read a great article over at Forbes talking about 4 imperative steps that need to be taken if you are thinking of starting your own business. So often we hear people say that they “someday” will be a small business owner, but how often do we see them put their words into action? This […]

How iPad’s are being used in Small Business

According to recent national survey, the use of Apple iPads have quadrupled in the past year for small business use. With almost 75 percent of small business owners saying they are “somewhat familiar” with the iPad, it is safe to say that the product is one of the fastest developing products since its launch in […]

Selling Franchises

While franchising is often thought of as a means of building your brand with limited capital outlay, franchising can also provide an additional revenue stream for your business through franchising fees and royalties.  Typically, entrepreneurs charge an initial fee for the purchase of the franchise as well as continuing fees on total revenue.  Ongoing management […]

Stride – a CRM System Catered to Small Business

With Salesforce gaining speed and big exposure in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) world, it is beginning to be met with opposition gearing towards the needs of small business. Created under the need of simplicity, a CRM system focused on small business owners named Stride goes into private beta today. By eliminating complicated reports, the […]

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing provides funding for companies looking to purchase equipment, but lack traditional funding sources to pay for the purchase.  Typically with equipment financing loans, the cost of the equipment is spread out over the course of a payment plan which extends over a number of years.  For these loans, the equipment is used as […]