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How to Up your Networking Game

Step Up Networking Game from The Startup Garage

This year’s SXSW Convention, a nine day crossroads of music, film, technology and entrepreneurship, provided us with a great amount of information regarding emerging technologies and entrepreneurial knowledge. One great article we read over at Mashable gave a play by play of some great networking tips we thought we would share here at The Startup Garage.

  • Research a Plan of Action – when networking, know your audience. This means the who, the whats, and the whys.
  • Attend With an Open Mind – although easier to mingle with people of the same interest or industry, take advantage of the fact that an array of individuals attend conferences and can offer you a wealth of knowledge or introductions.
  • Research Some Tech Lingo – if you are a new entrepreneur, chances are you haven’t gotten your feet wet with the jargon that comes along with the startup community. Do some research and know your information, or you will be quickly seen as an amateur.
  • Set Up in Hot Spots – find out where people are cycling in and out most often and set up your base camp. Don’t be shy, talk to everyone you can!
  • Leave Room for Spontaneity – maintain openness and availability when going to networking events. Too much planning could hinder your chances of new experiences and also cause you unnecessary stress.

Read the full article at Mashable.

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