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The 4 To-Do’s of Starting your own Business

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We read a great article over at Forbes talking about 4 imperative steps that need to be taken if you are thinking of starting your own business. So often we hear people say that they “someday” will be a small business owner, but how often do we see them put their words into action? This article helps to break down four important steps that can catalyst the journey and get future entrepreneurs on their way.

1. Make New Friends – the more people you get to know, the bigger a network you have to learn from.

2. Pick Some New Role Models – identify people in the business world that inspire you in order to emulate their personalities and leadership styles

3. Fall in Love with Small Business as a Customer – understand the difference between big and small business, and love what small businesses have to offer

 4. Demystify “Business” Speak – learning basic business jargon will definitely help you on the path to success and it’s as easy as reading business blogs, like this, or subscribing to business magazines

To read the full article at Forbes, click here.

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