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How iPad’s are being used in Small Business

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According to recent national survey, the use of Apple iPads have quadrupled in the past year for small business use. With almost 75 percent of small business owners saying they are “somewhat familiar” with the iPad, it is safe to say that the product is one of the fastest developing products since its launch in 2010.

So why the huge surge of iPad use? Godfrey Phillips, VP of research at The Business Journals, says that, “research has shown that for small business owners, productivity and efficiency, which used to be the central benefits of technology, are now declining in importance compared to accessibility.” The accessibility he speaks of is the simple fact that owners can access their business information at any given time with the ease of the iPad.

While the full survey results on how iPad’s affect small businesses won’t be available til March 31, it is safe to say that the launch of the newest iPad 3 this last week  will spark new interest in the product across all target markets.

Read the full article over at TechFlash.


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