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Fit 4 Mom

The Startup Garage knocked our business plan & complex financial model out of the park. We then deepened our work to the financial department as a whole. Tyler quickly became a key member of the exec team and I now have more confidence in our systems and data than ever before.

Ash Robinson, CEO

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The Startup Garage has been with us since the very beginning- over 3 years. Tyler has held a number of critical roles. We initially engaged The Startup Garage to create our investor documents and then we’ve continued with them as our CFO. Through this tenure the company has been able to raise over 2.5 million in funding.

Jonathan Budd, CEO


The Startup Garage team are AWESOME! All of the investors we have pitched to have been quite impressed with our business, our deck, our presentation and our financials. We internally have better clarity as well!

Forrest Howell, CEO

Agri-Tech Industries LLC

My company was able to raise $150,000 within less than a month of the plan being delivered, and another $200,000 in the following few months.David Martinez

David Martinez, CEO

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Business Plans are written to answer all of the questions investors typically have.

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Pitch Decks are a great way to present your idea in a presentation (Presentation Deck) or email to investors as a teaser to your business (Stand Alone Deck).

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