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How To Name Your Startup?

How to Name your Business from The Startup Garage

Welcome to video Fridays from The Start Up Garage A place where The Startup Garage’s team, answers questions directly from viewers Key Take Aways From Video: 1) What do you want your Startup to be remembered for? 2) A lot of companies make their name very descriptive, and get pigeon-holed in that one niche, and […]

Exclusive Q&A With The Founder Of The Startup Garage

Q&A with The Startup Garage Founder from The Startup Garage

Tyler the founder of The Startup Garage and previous founder of Vavi Sports and Social Club spoke exclusively with George Meszaros of Success Harbor. Success Harbor is a podcast, “where it’s all about making success happen for you.” To listen to the complete audio with additional entrepreneurial insights please vist: Tyler Jensen Success Harbor Podcast […]

Mobile is Transforming Consumer Retail Behavior

Mobile Retail Development Trends from The Startup Garage

Multi-Device Retail Preference Multi-device usage is quickly becoming the norm in consumer behavior.  Consumers will research a product on their phone or iPad, test the product in a brick-and-mortar store, and go home to purchase the product online from their laptop computer.  While this shift to multi-device usage can make it difficult for marketers to […]

Pricing Strategies Than Can Improve Sales

Pricing Strategy for Growth from The Startup Garage

The Right Price Can Make a Big Difference Using smart pricing strategies can make a big difference to your sales and help you succeed in a competitive marketplace.  Each product and service is unique and therefore what works for some companies may not work for others.  Nonetheless, the strategies outlined below may be a good […]

Understanding Barriers to Entry

Barriers to Entry from The Startup Garage

Entry into any market by a startup business is in some way possible, though it is often constrained by some sort of economic, procedural, regulatory or technical obstacle.  Such obstacles are often referred to as ‘barriers to entry.’  Some examples of barriers to entry include high startup costs, strict laws and regulations, inability to access resources, […]

Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Sustainable Competitive Advantage from The Startup Garage

A competitive advantage is some aspect of the company and/or its product or service that gives it an edge over its competitors and allows it to generate greater values for the firm (in sales and/or profit margins) for the firm and its shareholders.  Two primary examples of competitive advantages include: 1) comparative cost advantage – […]

The Importance of Differentiation

Standout Competitive Advantage from The Startup Garage

When asked about their product or service, most entrepreneurs could go on and on with the various features and advantages.  However, once you ask them, “what makes your product or service desirably different?” their pitch begins to flounder.  They begin to fall back on their key features or advantages over their competition.  But, the question […]

Narrowing Your Addressable Market Down To Your Target Market

Narrow Target Market with The Startup Garage

Before we go over some tips for narrowing your addressable market into a concise target market, lets first define these terms. Addressable Market The addressable market is the group of people (or businesses) whom might be interested in what you are selling.  It is the broadest umbrella of potential customers that your target or service […]

Value Propositions vs. Positioning Statements

Position vs Value Proposition from The Startup Garage

The main objective of a company’s marketing strategy is to define and reach the target customer demographic while differentiating itself from the competition.  Value propositions and positioning statements stem from this marketing strategy and help the company to accomplish its marketing goals.  Many people use these terms interchangeably when writing a business plan or discussing […]