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Mobile is Transforming Consumer Retail Behavior

Mobile Retail Development Trends from The Startup Garage

Multi-Device Retail Preference

Multi-device usage is quickly becoming the norm in consumer behavior.  Consumers will research a product on their phone or iPad, test the product in a brick-and-mortar store, and go home to purchase the product online from their laptop computer.  While this shift to multi-device usage can make it difficult for marketers to reach their consumers, it does come with added benefits.  This behavior evolution enables brands to engage their audience multiple times across devices with the same marketing campaign, thus increasing brand awareness, recall and ROI.

The Move to Mobile

Consumers are turning to their mobile platforms now more than ever for research and purchasing retail items.  The consumer market has experienced a rapid increase of in-store mobile usage.  Furthermore, thanks to mobile, consumers have changed the way they engage with brands.  Thanks to a research study conducted by JiWire, we’ve discovered the following shifts in consumer retail behavior:

  • 42% of consumers prefer to research retail-related shopping on their smartphones and tablets over other devices, while 45% prefer purchasing in-store.
  • Consumer engagement with retail ads increases 42% within a two mile radius of the store’s location compared to ads inside the store.
  • Of all the commercial venues where people use their mobile devices, retail venues are #1, representing 31% of all mobile usage.
  • Smartphones replace laptops as the device connecting to public WiFi for the first time in history.


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