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Receiving Donations for your Business

Receiving Donations to Fund Business from The Startup Garage

Surprisingly, many for-profit companies have raised a fair amount of capital by simply asking for donations to their organization. But because your company is not an established a non-profit, it is important for your donors to understand that you will not be able to provide them tax deductions. Your “donations” will be considered taxable income. […]

Selling and Exchanging Assets

Selling and Exchanging Assets to Fund the Business from The Startup Garage

Selling Assets When in need of some quick cash to help fund early projects, it could be as easy as selling some of your current assets; these assets are things like accounts receivables and inventory. Tangible items are usually the easiest to sell for the quick up-front cash so weigh the pros and cons of […]

Using Awards and Contests to Finance your Business

Raise Capital with Awards and Contests from The Startup Garage

Throughout history, businesses have been born and thrived through competitions and awards. Most famous is perhaps the yearly international Nobel Prizes that recognize advances in culture and science to the amount of $1.46 million dollars. There is also NASA’s Centennial Challenges that gives out awards up to $2 million during technology competitions. Although time consuming, […]

Crowdfunding — How to Get Funded by a Bunch of Random Strangers

Crowdfunding with Strangers from The Startup Garage

There is a growing phenomenon in the world of startup fundraising known as crowdsourcing. What is crowdsourcing, you ask? Crowdsourcing, also referred to as crowdfunding, is when a venture asks members of the general public for funding through many small donations. Notice how Wikipedia has been asking for donations to keep their website ad free? That is a […]

Receiving Grants

Considering grants are free money that do not have to be repaid, they would be a great way to fund your business. However, like all good things in life, they do not come very easily and require some work on your part to apply and receive funds. The primary place to look for small business […]

Customer and Supplier Financing

Buyer and Supplier Financing from The Startup Garage

Customer Financing Using your customer base can deliver an encouraging foundation of early funding for your business. By using pre-sales (also known as advanced sales), you can direct a very forward approach to trying to fund your company. While some would call it “wishful thinking”, many companies have been very successful in using the pre-launch […]

Bartering to Fund your Business

Bartering to Fund Your Business from The Startup Garage

Often overlooked, there are many alternative sources of funding and financing available that apply creativity and innovation towards supporting business. One of the earliest business exchanges of humankind, bartering is a great business strategy to use when starting up your new business. Known as the simple exchange of goods or services between individuals, it can […]

Alternative Sources of Funding for your Startup

Alternative Financing for Raising Capital from The Startup Garage

When starting your new company, you may quickly become aware of the financial challenges that await you but did you know there are many different ways you can finance and fund the growth and success of your company without utilizing traditional debt or equity models? Often overlooked, there are many alternative sources of funding and […]

Equity Capital with Private Capital Firms

Private Firm Equity Capital from The Startup Garage

A Private Equity Firm is a firm that manages the investment of equity securities in corporations not listed on the public exchange through various strategies. Each firm employs several Private Equity Funds, which are the projects jointly led by the firms and limited partners. These limited partners are often public or corporate pension funds, foundations, […]

Equity Capital with Corporate Investors

Equity Capital with Corporate Investors from The Startup Garage

Corporate Investing is when larger corporations seek investment in smaller external start-up companies. The reason for these investments is often a combination of financial gains and strategic management. First, like regular venture capital, the financial return on investment in these companies would be beneficial for large corporations. Secondly, in a strategic sense, corporate investing would […]