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Selling and Exchanging Assets

Selling and Exchanging Assets to Fund the Business from The Startup Garage

Selling Assets

When in need of some quick cash to help fund early projects, it could be as easy as selling some of your current assets; these assets are things like accounts receivables and inventory. Tangible items are usually the easiest to sell for the quick up-front cash so weigh the pros and cons of selling certain items in your vicinity. Sometimes you can even sell and lease back your assets, such as your office equipment, when you sell to a leasing company.

Tap into online markets like Ebay and other auction sites to attempt making the most bang for your buck. If auctioning isn’t your thing, post on Craigslist, local classified ads, join a flea market, or even host a garage sale.

Exchange Equity for Equipment

When cash is truly limited, you can attempt to exchange equity in the company for equipment. Ask your suppliers if they are willing waive cash payments in return for a stake in the business. Even though it may seem daunting to give away equity in return for something so small, you should understand that when more people are dedicated to the success of a business, the better it is for the business all around. Your suppliers would be more motivated to helping you out if they held responsibility in the achievements or failure of the company.

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