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What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit

What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit from The Startup Garage

Corporations usually acquire funds from government agencies and private foundations. They use these funds to achieve goals that aim at improving social benefits. If you want to fund a non-profit corporation and effect positive changes to the community, check out the following list. It will enable you to gain better understanding about the benefits and […]

Driving Economic Development with Inclusive Business

Driving Economic Development with Inclusive Business from The Startup Garage

An Inclusive Business is a business model that strives to benefit the community by directly including low-income populations into their business cycles, whether as producers or consumers of the good or service. It is a strategy that aids a large and often forgotten section of the community through social initiatives while still fostering business growth […]

Non-Profit Revenue Sources: Donations

Donations to Non-Profits from The Startup Garage

Target the Best Potential Donors Know where to begin your donor search.  It is more cost-effective to strategize who will be most likely to make a donation and target those potential donors rather than spend the time and effort to cast your net as far and wide as possible.  Start with the board of directors […]

Non-Profit Revenue Sources: Grants

Grants for Non Profits from The Startup Garage

Sources of Grants Unlike donations from private individuals, grants come from foundations, government agencies, private businesses and other groups.  As these groups have access to larger accounts, the grants they give out are usually much larger than individual donations. Many grants are only available to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. Grant givers are often looking for an […]

Non-Profit Revenue Sources: Fundraising

Non-Profit Idea and Steps from The Startup Garage

Importance of Relationships No matter what the amount you are trying to raise, you must have a good connection with your donors.  Especially if the donor is contributing for the first time – a thank you note can go a long way to ensuring continued donations in the future. Convince Your Potential Donor Be specific […]

Helpful People to Have On Your Non-Profit Team

Non-Profit Team from The Startup Garage

Chances are you do not specialize in every area of business necessary to get your non-profit organization off the ground.  There are some people with whom it will be necessary to ask for or hire for their ability to help you. Mentor As much as you read about starting a non-profit, it will always be […]

Non-Profit Legal Issues: Profit-Seeking Activities

Non-Profit Legal Team Setup from The Startup Garage

Since non-profits are established with a specific promise to return the profits into the organization and to not pass them along to any officer, director or employee of the organization, some financial transactions are bound to raise a red flag or be a cause for a non-profit to lose access to federal grants, community donations, […]

Non-Profit Legal Issues: Lobbying

Non-Profit Lobbying from The Startup Garage

Lobbying is the act of working to influence legislative or administrative decisions.  Any activity by a charity relating to proposed or pending legislation or molding public opinion on legislative matters could qualify as lobbying.  Lobbying can be done either professionally or on a certain issue by passionate members of the community.  There are many organizations […]

Non-Profit Legal Issues: Fundraising

Non-Profit Fundraising from The Startup Garage

As mentioned in our earlier blog post on State Filing, most states require that you register with the Attorney General for the right to solicit funds within the state, and most states additionally require you to report on your fundraising revenues and expenditures.  Fundraising for a non-profit can take many forms, and below we discuss […]

Overview of Common Non-Profit Legal Issues

Non-Profit Legal Overview from The Startup Garage

There are two categories of common legal problems this post will discuss: the problems that arise by virtue of being a business (contract, employment and personal injury issues) and the problems that are common to non-profits (fundraising, lobbying, profit-seeking).  Here we will explain the former as they are more simple, and will reserve individual blog […]