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Non-Profit Revenue Sources: Fundraising

Non-Profit Idea and Steps from The Startup Garage

Importance of Relationships

  • No matter what the amount you are trying to raise, you must have a good connection with your donors.  Especially if the donor is contributing for the first time – a thank you note can go a long way to ensuring continued donations in the future.

Convince Your Potential Donor

  • Be specific and build a compelling case for why you need this donation.  Your potential donors have many options for where to donate – if they donate at all – and you must convince them that you are the best recipient of their financial support.

Don’t Forget the Bigger Picture

  • But keep the organization’s bigger picture in mind.  You can’t always hide your expenses as a compassionate need – maybe you just need office supplies.  A good fundraiser is also able to bring in funds for the overhead expenses of operating.

Make a Fundraising Budget

  • Unfortunately, some of the money you raise is turned around to spend on future fundraising efforts.  Fundraising can add up quickly so make sure you set a budget that is realistic for the amount of money you are wishing to bring in.  Look for ways to cut costs or to get time, space or materials donated to assist with the fundraising effort.

Consider Membership Opportunities

  • You can collect dues from members of your organization if you have a program that gives them something in return.  It could be a token gift or the right to participate in an exclusive group such as a list serve or a planning committee.  But you must somehow involve your members for them to feel connected to the organization and continue to provide membership dues, which are a source of revenue.


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