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What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit

What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit from The Startup Garage

Corporations usually acquire funds from government agencies and private foundations. They use these funds to achieve goals that aim at improving social benefits. If you want to fund a non-profit corporation and effect positive changes to the community, check out the following list. It will enable you to gain better understanding about the benefits and the drawbacks of non-profit corporations.

Non-Profit Qualifications

Many types of groups can seek non-profit status. The following ones may be eligible: childcare centers, shelters for the homeless, community health care clinics and hospitals, museums, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship, schools, performing arts groups, and conservation groups.

Tax Exemptions

Non-profit groups can gain tax exemptions when they obtain corporate status. Non-profit corporations usually get their tax exemptions from Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It not only enables a non-profit to be free from paying taxes, but also allows people and organizations that donate to the non-profit to take a tax deduction for their contributions.

Shielded From Personal Liability

Forming a non-profit corporation can protect its staff from the corporation’s debts and liabilities. If any employee obtains a judgment against the non-profit, this judgment can reach only the non-profit corporation’s assets. Personal assets of all the people working in the non-profits are shielded from personal liability.

Roles and Salaries

The board of directors run a non-profit corporation and they hire management team members. They oversee the financial area and do strategic planning. A board member can also be a payroll member working for the organization.

Profits and Exit Strategy

Profits cannot be divided among corporation members beyond reasonable salary payment. A non-profit corporation cannot be sold for money. If its board of directors decided to dissolve it, its debts and liability have to be paid off, and all its assets need to distributed to another non-profit corporation.

The government provides non-profit organizations with many benefits, but they also post some regulations to limit certain behaviors. It is necessary set up a consultation with a lawyer and know the benefits and drawbacks for a non-profit. Your strategy should take advantage of the laws and should be documented in your business plan.


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