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Hiring the Right Startup Lawyer

Hiring the Right Startup Lawyer from The Startup Garage

You own a young company that is seeking VC, angel or perhaps even seed funding.  You want to protect yourself with the right legal documents, ensure that you are taking the right steps and perhaps gain some legal counsel along the way.  You turn to your network circles for a recommendation on a good lawyer.  […]

TED Talk on Pitching to VCs from “The Pitch Coach” David S. Rose

TED Talk on Pitching to VCs from “The Pitch Coach” from The Startup Garage

As an entrepreneur, David Rose has raised millions for his own companies.  As an investor, he has funded millions more.  According to the “The Pitch Coach,” the single most important thing that the VC is going to be investing is YOU.  “Therefore, the entire purpose of the VC pitch is to convince them that you […]

Bootstrapping Responsibly

Bootstrapping Responsibly from The Startup Garage

Usually, the most successful bootstrapping entrepreneurs are those that take a close look at their spending habits – both personal and business expenses – and cut out anything that is superfluous. However, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of cutting or forgoing key expenses such as health and life insurance. Whether you are a single, young, […]

Convertible Note Transaction Documents

Convertible Note Transaction Documents from The Startup Garage

Many business owners who are unfamiliar with the convertible note process are unaware that of the legal documents needed in convertible debt financing.  In addition to the convertible note itself, a startup will need two additional documents: a convertible note purchase agreement and written consent of the startup’s board of directors authorizing the convertible debt […]

The Importance of Copyright Assignments

The Importance of Copyright Assignments from The Startup Garage

A copyright isn’t a single right; it is a combination of rights. Copyright owners can transfer some or all of the rights. A full transfer of rights is called a copyright assignment. It’s important for start-ups to get a full copyright assignments for their logo, website, software, etc that is created for the company by independent contractors […]

Pay to Pitch? NEVER

Pay to Pitch? NEVER from The Startup Garage

Your start-up should never have to pay money to pitch to potential investors. Several “angel groups” will express interest in your start-up only to inform you later that they charge a fee, sometimes up to $5,000. Some of these wealthy angels argue that these fees act as a filter. First, a potential investor should be able to tell whether […]

What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit

What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit from The Startup Garage

Corporations usually acquire funds from government agencies and private foundations. They use these funds to achieve goals that aim at improving social benefits. If you want to fund a non-profit corporation and effect positive changes to the community, check out the following list. It will enable you to gain better understanding about the benefits and […]

Hunger Games – Learning to Share

Hunger Games - Learning to Share from The Startup Garage

Self-preservation is unavoidable in the world of start ups.  It’s what keeps your start up alive.  It’s what allows your start up to grow.  It’s what keeps your start up yours – WRONG.  Many entrepreneurs treat their start-up like their baby.  And who could blame them.  They have invested personal savings, time, sleepless nights and great risk.  Why wouldn’t they try to grasp the rains and […]

Behavioral Targeting and What it Means to You

Behavioral Targeting and What it Means to You from The Startup Garage

The internet is a constantly evolving mass of information that has only been around for a few decades, but is making a deeper and wider impact on global society each and every day. The concept of behavioral targeting is relatively new and is making an impact on each individual who uses the internet. What is […]

How to Read a Patent – It’s All In the Claims

How to Read a Patent - It's All In the Claims from The Startup Garage

It may seem simple, but reading a patent and fully understanding what the patent actually covers can be rather difficult.  Let’s begin by reviewing the main sections of the patent.  First, we have the patent identification information: the patent number, title, patent holder’s name, owner of the patent (if different), the filing date, the issue […]