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Inside The 2016 Tech Coast Angels 10th Anniversary Quick Pitch Event

It’s no secret, the Tech Coast Angels is one of the largest, if not THE largest angel investor group in the nation. “Consisting of experienced CEOs, senior executives, current and former entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professionals, members have invested over $180 million in more than 300 companies and have helped entrepreneurs attract more than […]

Business Plan Writer vs. Business Plan Strategic Consultant

People often ask me, “What are my options for writing a business plan?” At the highest level, there are two options, writing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you. The benefits of writing the business plan yourself are that you will save money and you will learn a lot about your […]

Startup Weekend San Diego Powered By Google for Entrepreneurs Kicks Off

Startup Weekend San Diego from The Startup Garage

Google, which began in a garage nearly two decades ago, celebrates the entrepreneur in all of us in community events throughout the world. The objective of these events is to encourage entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and create companies that will change the world. Today, Friday November 14 2014- Sunday Nov 17th is time for participants […]

What’s The Best VC Pitchdeck?

Venture Capital Pitch Deck from The Startup Garage

What’s The Best VC Pitchdeck? Don’t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself. The above is an interesting quote that relates to many aspects of life and business, especially when pitching your startup to the venture capitalists. The best pitch deck comes from the heart; it’s not one created for the benefit […]

Questions You Can Expect From Investors

Questions to Expect from Investors from The Startup Garage

The Most Common Questions Asked by Investors Statics show that investor receive thousands of plans a year and will only proceed to the next round with 10% of those at best.  Regardless of the type of investor you are targeting (sophisticated individuals, angel groups or VC firms), it is important to be fully prepared to […]