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Your Startups Pre-Launch Checklist: Mac vs. PC (Part 14 of 14)

Mac vs. PC from the Startup Garage

Mac vs. PC: The Great Debate
Since the dawn of time there have been hundreds of great rivalries: Thomas Becket vs. Henry II, Yankees vs. Red Sox, and Wile E. Coyote vs. Roadrunner (just to name a few). In terms of information technology, Macs and PCs have been carrying out an epic feud of their own for many years.

Now, you may have already chosen what camp you are in based on past experience. If you are setting up a new infrastructure, put your biases aside and re-evaluate whether a Mac or a PC is right for your small business.

A Breakdown of Each

Below is a rundown of Macs and PCs and how they fit into your startup:


  • Can run OS X and/or Windows
  • Simple to use
  • Less likely to get computer viruses (can still happen though)
  • Comes with the Apple Store support team
  • Trendsetting, well designed, and visually appealing
  • The majority of artists use Macs


  • PCs are customizable and entrepreneurs can build their own
  • Tend to be less expensive
  • Many different PC companies to choose from (HP, Dell, IBM, etc.)
  • PCs have a larger support community
  • The majority of businesses use PCs

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It should be noted that there really is no set rule when it comes to determining whether a Mac or PC is right for your startup. In the end, its really what you prefer in a computer that matters. Traditionally, Macs are usually used for creative people such as photographers, graphic designer, and film directors. They are generally easier to use and are less likely to contract a virus than a PC.

On the other hand, PCs are more widely used in the business world. They tend to be about half the price of Macs and have many more business applications available to them. There is also a wider variety of PCs than Macs, so it may be easier to find one that suits your small business needs.

Just to recap: the most important thing to keep in mind is what your startup is doing before you buy all your computing needs. Try to do some research before you make your purchase. Asking companies related to your industry what computers they use is a great way to avoid headaches in the future.


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