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The Importance of Bookkeeping for a Startup Business

Bookkeeping, by definition, is the process of recording a company’s financial transactions and history. It is the first step in the broader accounting process which involves reporting and analyzing data to make business decisions. Many entrepreneurs find that they are wearing too many hats as it is and they just don’t have time to dedicate […]

7 Lessons Learned From A Vegas Tech Startup Conference

Collision Con From The Startup Garage

“ It’s A different kind of Vegas.” Collision Conference invaded and innovated downtown Las Vegas, Nevada Cinco De May and 6th. The 48 hour “crash course” included 7500 attendees representing 89 different countries, with a legendary guest-list that included: 200 WorldClass Speakers, 1000 Startup Businesses, 451 Tech Investors, and countless “smart” entrepreneurs. Equally as interesting […]

The Correlation between A Startups Seed Round and Series A Round

The Correlation between Your Seed Round and Your Series A Round from The Startup Garage

Here at The Startup Garage we are often asked, “Has it become harder to raise capital for Startups nowadays?”   The answer is, yes and no. On the one hand, the total dollars invested in U.S. startups in 2014 reached its highest point since the dot-com boom in 2000, according to Bloomberg. On the other […]

Building Online Brand Presence as a Startup

How to Build Your Online Brand From The Startup Garage

Launching a new high growth startup is a way to build a business from the ground up. Whether you are providing content, products or even services to potential customers. Knowing how to build an online brand presence when getting a startup up and running is essential. Especially when working in competitive fields and making a […]

Avoidable Legal Dilemmas Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Although the verdict is still out whether or not entrepreneurship can be taught there are a few legal problems that all entrepreneurs can avoid with some proper foresight. 8 Startup Situations Every Entrepreneur Wants to Consider 1) Founder’s Agreement: Most co-founders will have some simple planning conversations at the beginning of the venture. However, it […]

Startup Business Funding Report 2014

The past year has been an eventful one for Startup Businesses in their quest to raise capital. Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding soared in 2014, breathing new life into uncertain economy. Venture Capital Roundup According to the PitchBook Platform 88 billion dollars in venture capital was infused into the global economy in 2014. […]

How To Name Your Startup?

How to Name your Business from The Startup Garage

Welcome to video Fridays from The Start Up Garage A place where The Startup Garage’s team, answers questions directly from viewers Key Take Aways From Video: 1) What do you want your Startup to be remembered for? 2) A lot of companies make their name very descriptive, and get pigeon-holed in that one niche, and […]

How Long Does It Take to Raise Capital?

How Long Does It Take to Raise Capital? from The Startup Garage

Welcome to video Fridays from The Start Up Garage A place where Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage’s founder, answers questions directly from viewers Key Take Aways From Video: 1) The average time is somewhere between three to six months for both you Angel round and your Series A round. 2) It really breaks down into […]

HBO Show Silicon Valley Shines The Spotlight on Business Planning

Silicon Valley Show On Business Plans from The Startup Garage

The clip below provides accurate yet comical insights into a typical angel investor meeting. Key Take Aways From Video: Investors are in the business to invest in companies, not just products. Investors are not guidance counselors for your Startup. Investors are smart and sophisticated, they want you to be prepared. There are key Milestones investors […]