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VC Update: Q1 2013 Activity Report – $6.9B Invested Across 841 Deals

Activity Report - $6.9B Invested Across 841 Deals from The Startup Garage

Q3 2012 saw 835 deals take place, the highest number since the dot com boom. Q4 held relatively flat (834 deals) and Q1’13 saw a slight uptick leading to a new multi-year high on deals. Funding also climbed on a sequential basis. Relative to Q1’12, funding was up 17%. Overall, Q1 2013 saw $6.9 billion invested across 841 deals.

Seed VC hit a peak in activity in Q3’12 still registered a strong quarter in Q1’13, despite the much-discussed Series A crunch pullback.  Seed VC activity was pretty flat on a sequential basis (194 seed VC deals in Q1’13 vs 190 in Q4’12) but YoY, Seed VC deals are up 31% (148 in Q1’12). While the consensus is that there will be Seed VC casualties because there is not enough Series A money, the prevailing wisdom among investors also appears to be that this crunch will only impact those other “less smart” investors who made poor bets.

More information on Q1’13 VC funding can be found here.


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