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Benchmarking for Startups

Entrepreneurship Benchmarks from The Startup Garage

In the business world there are a million different ways to measure success. In essence, what makes your business a success depends on your goals. So how do you measure your success? Its actually much simpler than you may think, using a process called benchmarking. Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and […]

Workspace Design as it Relates to Employee Productivity

Workspace Design as it Relates to Employee Productivity from the Startup Garage

When starting a small business in todays incredibly complex business world, there are numerous factors that give firms an improved chance of success. One such factor is Employee Productivity. Leaders in the business community have known for years that if your employees are more productive, then generally speaking, your business is more successful. One way […]

Your Personal Foundation Is Your Backbone (Part 1)

Your Personal Foundation is Your Backbone from the Startup Garage

Starting a business requires one to compose a variety of different elements, and combine them all into a business plan, and then execute the plan according to the strategy laid out in the plan. At the very core of all of this information is YOU, the business owner. An often overlooked part of starting a […]

Building the Support Team

Building the Support Team from the Startup Garage

Although it is your idea, your intellectual property, and your business plan, success is not achieved alone. Even the greatest entrepreneurs in history had help, and they needed it to get to the top, trust me. The quality of the people involved in your business also determines the success of your business. Many ventures ultimately […]

Branding is a Key Element of the Business Plan

Throughout the business planning process you will be put in the position to make many creative decisions. If you are serious about starting a business that creates value, then you should be ready to attack them head on. Branding your business is just one of these challenges, however when your branding strategy is well thought […]