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University of San Diego Hosts Competition to Fuel Entrepreneurship

On Thursday April 23rd 2015 the University of San Diego School of Business will hold an exciting campus-wide competition in a “Shark Tank” like setting. The V2 Pitch Competition is a free event with a diverse and action packed agenda including: Networking Reception, Keynote Speaker James Brennen Co-Founder of Suja Juices, USD Student Entrepreneur Pitches, […]

How to Launch 13 EdTech Startups in 54 Hours

Sound like an impossible task? Step inside Startup Weekend NYCEDU, a 3-day event that occurred March 27- 29th 2015 in New York City. Within the four walls of The World School, teams of entrepreneurs, educators, developers, and designers collaborated to bring education technology concepts into creation in a mere 54 hours. #SWnycedu kicked off Friday […]

Where to find market, industry and competitive analysis?

Competitive research from The Starup Garage

Welcome to video Fridays from The Start Up Garage A place where Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage’s founder, answers questions directly from viewers Key Take Aways From Video: 1) One of the first places I start with is industry associations or trade associations for that particular industry that you’re going to be in. 2) Google […]

I Have a Great Idea, What’s Next

I Have a Great Idea, What's Next from The Startup Garage

You have a great idea and want to start a business, so now what? One step I like to recommend to new entrepreneurs is that you start with a self assessment. The idea is for you to learn more about yourself, your personal and financial goals and how committed you are to getting your business […]

What to Consider When Starting a Company With Your Spouse

What to Consider When Starting a Company With Your Spouse from The Startup Garage

Starting a business can be a risky endeavor (quitting your job, spending your savings, good potential for failure, and the list goes on).  Starting a business with your spouse can be even riskier when you consider your shared finances, your retirement funds, your relationship, your mental health and happiness.  Before you risk everything, ask yourself […]

So You Want to Start a Business?

So You Want To Start A Business from The Startup Garage

7 visual steps to guide you through the startup process This infographic from Bolt effectively outlines what you will need to know to get your business up and running. Below are links for more information on each step. Step 1: Write a Business Plan Step 2: Choose a Business Location Step 3: Finance your Business […]

Create an Effective Online Presence

Create An Effective Online Presence from The Startup Garage

The environment of the web is continually changing, the weighted importance of real-time content, social integration and mobile compatibility rising significantly in the last few years. These changes are creating opportunities and challenges for companies and organizations of all scales and experience depending on adaptability and preparation. Your online presence is created by the ongoing […]

Build an All-Star Startup Team

Build An All-Star Startup-Team from The Startup Garage

You have a great new business idea. As it forms into a plan, decisions will be made around how to support business functions necessary to succeed and if you should plan to assemble a team. Create a clear outline of how the company will develop as an organization. Understand your goals and format them to […]

Top Aspects to Look for When Finding a Business Location

Location Aspects in Business Planning from The Startup Garage

Once a business plan is finished, subsequently the next phase is to implement the key elements in the business plan, including finding a location if you are a brick and mortar business. Location, Location, Location. This saying has been used time and time again to emphasize the association of being successful and having a good […]

Benchmarking for Startups

Entrepreneurship Benchmarks from The Startup Garage

In the business world there are a million different ways to measure success. In essence, what makes your business a success depends on your goals. So how do you measure your success? Its actually much simpler than you may think, using a process called benchmarking. Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and […]