3 Main Components of Financial Projections

Successful entrepreneurs not only have visions in their minds, they also translate their abstract visions into concrete financial projections. Financial projections enable entrepreneurs to set targets for their goals, control costs and predict problems. Balance sheet, profit-loss statement, and cash flow statement are the 3 main parts of financial projections and should be included in […]

Top 5 Benefits of Creating Financial Projections

An old Woody Allen joke resonates with financial modelers and forecasters: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans.” We all know that financials projections are based on assumptions that likely never come true.  Yet, putting together the financial information for your startup might be one of the most important and […]

5 Rules for Your Cash Flow Plan

Critical to your success, cash flow. Create an effective plan for positive cash flow with five basic rules. Every business owner should have an understanding of his or her cash flow situation – sales minus expenses. Positive cash flow is critical to continuing business operations. Forecast realistic monthly sales. It is very important that you […]