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Operations Plan

This section demonstrates every step that goes into the product and service delivery process, including, location,
equipment, quality control and staffing.


Bamboo YogaPlay is located in Playa Dominical in the town of Dominical, Costa Rica. It has immediate access to
the highway and is bordered by the Baru River. The beach is a two‐minute walk and the resort has close access to
other restaurants, bars and stores. The location’s close proximity to the ocean, jungle and mountains also allow
for a variety of adventure tours.


The property is owned by Mountains of the Zulu Investments S.A. President Brendan Jaffer‐Thom.


Bamboo YogaPlay and the Bamboo YogaPlay Expansion Plan incorporate comfortably furnished rooms and are
built using recycled shipment containers and bamboo, an eco‐friendly and durable alternative to using
conventional building materials. The yoga studio is equipped with eco‐friendly yoga supplies such as mats and
blocks, as well as yoga swings. All materials used in the studio have been chosen carefully for their quality and


Bamboo YogaPlay will make bulk purchases to ensure the resort is always fully supplied to maintain operations.
Purchases will be approved by upper management. Sofiah Thom will manage purchases from artists and designers
for the boutique. The maintenance of the rooms will call for bulk purchases of cleaning supplies, fresh linens and
toiletries. These purchases will be made by the Hotel Manager.


Bamboo YogaPlay will have a Hotel Manager on site to ensure high quality customer service. The Retreat
Coordinator will be in charge of quality control of studio, teachers, body workers and retreat related services and
will work directly with retreat facilitators and guests to ensure an easy and comfortable experience. Front desk
operators will be available 16 hours a day to help with any problems or needs a guest may encounter. Bamboo
YogaPlay will tailor packages in order to pay close attention to detail and creativity for each individual. These
packages will help guests gain optimal satisfaction during their stay. Sofiah will ensure quality teachers and
practitioners will be hired to execute all spa services, classes, performances, trainings and retreats. On site
security will ensure guests safety and prevent unsolicited disturbances. An onsite maintenance person will make
sure that hotel infrastructure functions at all times and will address any issues that would affect guests

The restaurant and juice bar will offer fine dining and health oriented foods and snacks to give quality nutrition
during guests stay. Retreat coordinator will facilitate guests’ participation in adventure tours and workshops.
Other products used will be reviewed to ensure they are eco‐friendly and high quality.


Bamboo YogaPlay will offer and ensure exceptional hospitality. In order to do so, Bamboo YogaPlay will train their
staff through operational manuals and handbooks. Bamboo YogaPlay will review each employee’s performance
regularly to insure quality service and performance. The members of Bamboo YogaPlay’s staff will include:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Retreats Coordinator and Manager
  • Front desk
  • Massage Therapist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Dance Instructor
  • Security guard
  • House keeper(s)
  • Maintenance


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