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Market Analysis

This section defines the Company’s target market segments and provides demographic and psychographic
information for these segments as well as trends and growth opportunities.


Bamboo YogaPlay is an eco‐friendly Costa Rican resort that emphasizes unique services including yoga and healing
arts. Bamboo YogaPlay is part of Costa Rica’s tourism sector, which in 2009 included 2.29 million international
visitors. Bamboo YogaPlay’s target market is a dynamic group of travelers who wish to learn more about and

express themselves through an artistic outlet and enjoy the ecotourism and adventures that Costa Rica has to offer
in a relaxing environment. These eco travelers generally take part in Bamboo YogaPlay’s yoga and healing services,
as well as enjoying wildlife excursions such as canopy tours, horseback riding, or hiking. Bamboo YogaPlay looks to
take advantage of the Costa Rican tourism market that has experienced steady growth over the past several years,
a trend which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Bamboo YogaPlay is also in a position to take
advantage of the worldwide increase in eco‐tourism, and the improved access to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

The first segment that Bamboo YogaPlay is targeting is North American Tourists. North Americans tend to travel
most during their summer and winter seasons. Members of this segment have generally traveled in the past, and
may have visited other ecotourism locations.

The second segment which Bamboo YogaPlay targets is European travelers. Europeans generally have longer
holiday periods and wish to travel to warmer locations during their winter season.

The third segment is tourist from other countries in the Americas, which consists of countries that are in Central
and South America as well as Mexico. These travelers have an above average living standard compared to the rest
of their country and can afford to travel, but generally have less disposable income than the other market


The following tables provide information and statistics on Bamboo YogaPlay’s target market segments:


While the global recession caused a decrease in tourism to Costa Rica from all around the world, the largest
decrease was seen from United States residents. However, the tourist market in America is growing due to the
large baby boomer generation. More than ever before, the baby boomer generations (those born between 1946‐
1964) are traveling overseas.13 Tourism arrivals in Costa Rica have increased from 1.72 million in 2006 to 2.15
million in 2008 and 2.29 million in 2009. In spite of the recession, the market is expected to grow 8% per year
through 2014.14

Throughout the three target market segments, the winter and summer season have the most traffic into Costa
Rica. Winter/holiday season of December and January is the highest volume of travelers. The summer months of
June, July, and August also demonstrate higher numbers of travelers.


In the first three quarters of 2009, there were 1,478,360 international tourist arrivals in Costa Rica. Of those
travelers 712,789 visitors are from North America, 187,486 are Europeans, and 537,645 are visitors from Central
and South America.

28.7% of travelers from the United States express interest in visiting Costa Rica, a market of 14.2 million people.15

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