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Management Team

The Management Team section demonstrates the Company’s leadership and management structure.


The following are the bios of the key members of the Bamboo YogaPlay team:

Sofiah Thom – CEO, CSO, and COO

As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Sofiah will align the company, internally and externally, with her strategic
vision. As the CSO (Chief Sales Officer) she will supervise all customer service inquiries and new orders. Sofiah’s
role as COO (Chief Operations Officer) will include oversight of the programs director and the hotel manager.

Brendan Jaffer – CFO

As CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Brendan will handle the company’s finances. His role as CMO (Chief Marketing
Officer) will be to oversee the company’s marketing efforts and will also be in charge of following up on any leads
generated by the rest of the company. Marketing – Seeking an agency.

Retreat Coordinator

The retreat coordinator will be in charge of coordinating and managing events and retreats. They will be in charge
of dealing with facilitators and others interested in holding retreats, dealing with those same persons onsite during
retreats, as well as dealing with yoga and other teachers and with bodyworkers. They will also be in charge of
coordinating with restaurant / juice bar if and when retreats or packages include meals / food.


Bamboo YogaPlay will work with a team of service providers to assist with day‐to‐day operations and expansion of
the resort. Some of the relationships already established are:

  • Law Firm – Bufete Leiva Madrigal
  • Accountant – Andrea Beita
  • Website Maintenance – Web Mark Web Design
  • Marketing – Seeking an agency
  • Juice Bar leaser– Seeking
  • Restaurant Leaser– Seeking


Bamboo YogaPlay is currently building its Board of Advisors and Board of Directors.

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