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Competitive Analysis

This section provides a scouting report of the market terrain that Company must navigate in order to be successful
in the industry. The Company’s competitors are assessed in detail and the Company’s competitive advantages are


Bamboo YogaPlay, located in Dominical, Costa Rica, is part of the ecotourism industry. The eco‐friendly resort
includes a full complement of amenities, including air‐conditioned rooms with maid service, yoga and other
movement arts classes, spa and massage services, adventure tours, a restaurant, and the internationally known
Bamboutique retail store.

There are many competing hotels throughout Costa Rica. However, Bamboo YogaPlay has a variety of important
advantages that will lead to its success in the market. The first of these includes Sofiah Thom and the other
instructors and teachers that Bamboo YogaPlay has connections/alliances with, who are some of the world leaders
in various movement arts disciplines. Furthermore, Bamboo YogaPlay also has a major advantage in its river and
beachfront location in Dominical, an up and coming tourism area of Costa Rica. The Company also gains a major
advantage from its already highly successful and popular Bamboutique retail store, which provides an extra draw
for guests considering staying at Bamboo YogaPlay. Finally, the resort’s environmentally conscious nature provides
great appeal to eco‐tourists, a growing segment of tourist consumers that hold environmental impact in high

Direct competitors in the tourism industry are both eco‐lodges and hotels that offer similar healing services that
Bamboo YogaPlay has to offer in Costa Rica. Examples of the company’s top direct competitors include Blue Spirit
Retreat, Samasati Nature Retreat and Anamaya Resort.

Indirect competitors are both eco‐lodges and accommodation services in Costa Rica that do not offer any holistic
services but serve as a place to stay. Such establishments include Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo, Lapa Rios
and Domilocos.

The map on the following page shows the location of Bamboo YogaPlay in relation to the Company’s direct and
indirect competitors.


The follow chart provides information and statistics for Bamboo YogaPlay’s direct competitors:


The follow chart provides information and statistics for Bamboo YogaPlay’s indirect competitors:


Bamboo YogaPlay has several competitive advantages that stem from its location, personnel and eco‐friendly
accommodations. While some competitors offer similar accommodations, services or environmental features, no
other Costa Rican resort is able to combine these aspects to provide an experience equivalent to Bamboo

The location of Bamboo YogaPlay provides several distinct advantages. The resort is located on the west coast of
Costa Rica in the town of Dominical in the Osa region, which is one of the most environmentally diverse areas of
Costa Rica and the world. Bamboo YogaPlay itself is located on a riverfront property that is just a two‐minute walk
to a pristine tropical beach.

The environmentally friendly nature of Bamboo YogaPlay and the Bamboo YogaPlay Expansion Plan also provides a
significant advantage. Traditional resorts tend to pay less attention to their impact, but Bamboo YogaPlay has
made a clear effort to minimize the Company’s environmental footprint. Evidence of this is visible everywhere on
the resort, such as in the shipping container and bamboo construction, solar energy, wastewater treatment and
emphasis on natural light and airflow.

Like other yoga‐focused retreats, Bamboo YogaPlay offers a wide variety of movement arts classes including yoga
and dance. Bamboo YogaPlay’s founder, Sofiah Thom is one of the world’s foremost teachers of movement arts,
and has access to other world class instructors of movement disciplines. Sofiah has and will continue to leverage
these relationships to bring the highest caliber of instructors to Bamboo YogaPlay. This level of skill and expertise
in providing these services is a significant advantage over the average resort.


One of the main barriers to entry for Bamboo YogaPlay and other potential
businesses in the market is obtaining the necessary environmental building permit
from SETENA. As a result, Bamboo YogaPlay must take the necessary steps to
ensure that the resort is approved before the Company begins construction of the
Expansion Plan. Once approval for construction is received, another barrier to
entry that Bamboo YogaPlay faces is gathering the capital needed to construct the

Upon opening the resort, another major barrier to entry is generating initial buzz and customer base. Bamboo
YogaPlay expects to have little difficulty in overcoming this barrier due to current demand for the limited
accomodations, Sofiah Thom’s popularity, the Company’s existing connections in the yoga industry and the buzz
already generated from the success of and the existing Bamboo YogaPlay studio and the Bamboutique.

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