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  • Business Plan Brainstorming
    Business Plan Brainstorming from the Startup Garage

    Writing a business plan is not something that you should do all by yourself. There are many situations where you will not only welcome feedback from others, and it will be beneficial to you. It truly helps to have multiple people involved in the process so that ideas ar[...]

  • Unexpected Uses for a Business Plan
    Unexpected for a Business Plan from the Startup Garage

    Most entrepreneurs understand what a business plan is at its most simple level: a document that organizes a companys goals and their strategy for attaining them. A business plan is generally quite detailed, including the strategy for all divisions of the business, as w[...]

  • Your Startup’s Pre-Launch Checklist: Location (Part 13 of 14)
    Location from the Startup Garage

    Now that you have written your business plan, set up all of your legal groundwork, and put a marketing plan into place, you should start thinking about setting up your physical infrastructure. In this post, The Startup Garage will go over the dos and donts of picking th[...]

  • Your Startups Pre-Launch Checklist: Websites (Part 12 of 14)
    Websites from the Startup Garage

    What Does a Great Website Look Like? Now that you have created a stellar logo, you are going to need something to put it on. Once you've got a good handle on your brand and what you really want your customers to know about your company, its a good time to think about[...]

  • Crowdsourcing – What It Is and How It’s Done
    Crowdsourcing from the Startup Garage

    There is a growing phenomenon in the world of startup fundraising known as crowdsourcing. What is crowdsourcing, you ask? Croudsourcing, also referred to as crowdfunding, is when a venture asks members of the general public for funding through many small donations. N[...]

  • How to Come Up With Your Killer Business Idea
    How to Come Up with Killer Business Ideas from the Startup Garage

    One of the prevailing mysteries in the startup world is how to come up with your great business idea if you don't have one already. There is no set system or tried and true list of steps that will automatically lead to killer business ideas, so this can definitely be a [...]

  • Your Startups Pre-Launch Checklist: Mac vs. PC (Part 14 of 14)
    Mac vs. PC from the Startup Garage

    Mac vs. PC: The Great Debate Since the dawn of time there have been hundreds of great rivalries: Thomas Becket vs. Henry II, Yankees vs. Red Sox, and Wile E. Coyote vs. Roadrunner (just to name a few). In terms of information technology, Macs and PCs have been carrying[...]

  • Startup America – The New Partnership to Support Americas Startups
    Partnerships to Support America from the Startup Garage

    Two weeks ago was President Obamas second State of the Union address. While there have been mixed reviews regarding the speech overall, there were some positive implications for startups. As part of a mission to win the future by out-innovating, out-educating and out-bu[...]

  • Your Startups Pre-Launch Checklist: Logo (Part 11 of 14)
    Logo's from the Startup Garage

    How to Create a Killer Logo Over the past few weeks we have gone over the important legal and financial preparations that your startup needs to take before it launches. Now were going to get into some fun stuff: marketing tools! We will cover logo design, websites, bus[...]

  • Your Startups Pre-Launch Checklist: Legal Entity (Part 10 of 14)
    Legal Entity from the Startup Garage

    What Legal Entity Fits Your Startup? This blog post has been prepared by The Startup Garage for informational purposes only and does not constitute advertising, a solicitation, or legal advice. The information contained in this blog post is provided only as general inf[...]