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  • Beginners Guide
    To Raising

    Beginner’s Guide to Raising Capital is a comprehensive resource for learning the basics of the fundraising process. It contains actionable items to put a new business on the path to reaching funding goals. It also covers tips for maintaining personal mental health as an entrepreneur. The end goal is to create a scalable, investor-ready startup — actively involved in the community and ready to #GetFunded.

  • Business Plan

    Business Plan Basics covers the fundamentals for creating an effective business plan. However you choose to execute the writing and research, it is important to understand all the moving parts of your business and how they work together. This book will cover each section with the time it should take, key questions to ask, information you will need and insights on putting it together to achieve your goal.

  • Guide To Raising
    Capital From Family,
    Friends & Founders

    The Guide to Raising Capital from Family, Friends and Founders overviews best practices for raising money from the first people you go to — your family, friends and founders. Dealing with money in personal relationships can get a bit tricky. This book will cover fundamental concepts, legal issues and material you’ll need. It will help prepare you for the difficult conversations and in some cases enable you to avoid them altogether.

  • Guide To Raising
    Capital From
    Angel Investors

    The Guide to Raising Capital from Angel Investors will walk you through the process of obtaining seed capital for your startup. It covers the milestones angel investors look for when evaluating your business and gives you options for how to find the angels best fit for your startup. This book will help you enter the investor arena prepared and knowledgeable of all the boxes you will need to check.

  • Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding 101 overviews the various structures, benefits and pitfalls to using this type of public fundraising. In 8 steps, it will cover how to create a campaign and provide a list of popular platforms categorized by type and industry. Crowdfunding 101 will also give you a sense for how this method of capital raising affects and fits in with traditional strategies.