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Is This a Crazy Idea?

“Is this a crazy idea?” This question gets raised quite often during our consultations at The Startup Garage. Tyler Jensen, CEO and Founder of TSG, believes that “it doesn’t really matter whether your idea is crazy or not – what matters is the journey you’re willing to take and whether you’re able to learn and evolve throughout the startup process.” Great ideas aren’t always obvious, so here at The Startup Garage, we believe that even the craziest ideas can be a launch pad toward success when paired with a founder that is willing to listen and evolve.

Even bad ideas can evolve into huge successes

In his article “Embracing Bad Ideas to Get To Good Ideas”, entrepreneur John Geraci points out that even bad ideas can evolve into huge successes — “Apple started off selling DIY computer kits, PayPal began as a way to beam money between Palm Pilots, YouTube began as a video dating site.  Each of these, in their day, must have seemed like bad ideas.  Yet these companies have become the biggest players in now-enormous fields.” Our case in point — leading entrepreneurs are able to listen, adjust and let their bad ideas evolve into more favorable ones.

Sometimes the biggest fish are “just nuts”

Geraci goes on to cite Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen (Andreessen Horowitz) who believes that “the biggest opportunities, and the real money, lie in areas where no consensus exists on whether an idea is good or bad,” and that, “if you are doing it right, you are continuously investing in things that are non-consensus…you are investing in things that look like they are just nuts.” While your goal as an entrepreneur is to raise capital, having an investor decline funding your business can allow you to take a step back and make adjustments.

So, next time you are wondering whether your idea is crazy we say go ahead and embrace it. Click here to read Geraci’s full article, which includes suggestions on how to get even your worst ideas to work for you.