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  • Business Plan

    Professional Business Plan Writers

    The Startup Garage business plan writers prepare expert business plans for growing startups looking for investment. Our team has the collective expertise to prepare your company for reaching funding goals.

    We have written over 200 business plans for a variety of companies with many of them successfully raising capital.

    The Startup Garage team has also developed investor presentations and capital formation packages for businesses in preparation for approaching SBA and traditional bankers, friends and family, angel investors and venture capital firms.

    What makes us unique is that we both create professional, investor-ready documents as well as utilizing our team’s wide array of expertise and experience to take your business strategy to the next level.

    Our expert team of entrepreneurs, researchers, business plan writers, editors, CFOs, and designers will prepare the business plan — often in conjunction with the financial model and investor presentation — as we prepare you and the company for the next evolution of the business.

    Business Plans are delivered with an Executive Summary, Market, Industry and Competitive Research and Analysis along with marketing, operating and management strategies.

    Between researching, writing, and financial modeling, it typically takes over 200 hours to complete a business plan.

  • Business Plan

    Business Plan

    Through our business plan review, we’ll identify the red flags keeping investors from breaking out the check book. Whether this is your first business plan or 50th, allow us to provide a professional review so that you can get what you need to optimize the plan and raise capital.

    We’ll review and evaluate your:

    • business model and strategy,
    • the business plan’s writing and structure, and
    • financial projections.

    We’ll present our findings in a two to three page report, along with any other recommendations we feel you’d benefit from.
    The business plan is your company’s roadmap through the startup process. It will help keep your priorities on track, focus your efforts, and ensure everyone is on the same page. It will also communicate to investors your detailed intentions for leveraging the money they give you to achieve the milestones they care about and bring the company to profitability.

    The Startup Garage is a team of startup experts. We know what your potential investors are looking for and how to best present this to them. Let us help you finalize your plan to get the results you want.

  • Financial


    One of your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur is obtaining funding to get your business off the ground. We will work with you to develop a financial model that makes the most sense for you, your business and your investors. We will realistically forecast numbers with financial benchmarks and assumptions so you will know how much you need, when and how to best approach your financing.

    One of our top values at The Startup Garage is risk-adversity. With our finely tuned, Pro Forma Financial Statements you’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing the path you’re set on is realistic and manageable.

    In most cases, an integrated 5 year balance sheet, cash flow statement and Profit & Loss statement will be delivered in a fully editable excel file, complete with financial benchmarks and assumptions necessary to back up your growth model and expense projections.

  • Investor
    Pitch Deck

    Pitch Deck

    The Investor Presentation (also referred to as pitch deck, stack, or investor deck) is designed to accompany a standard, formal presentation of your company to a group of investors to sell them on your business as a desirable investment opportunity.

    The purpose is to present the business to potential investors in the most effective format to receive funding, while highlighting key points investors care about. At The Startup Garage, pitch decks are created custom to your startup and tailored to the specific goals and funding situations of the business. We will create a set of approximately 10-15 slides that give a complete overview of your company, team, target market, competition and significant milestones, as well as your future plans and business funding needs that investors want to see.

  • Business Plans
    For Small Business

    Business Plans
    For Small Business

    Our value goes far beyond simply delivering a business plan. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and we have a network of Startup Specialist Partners with services designed and priced for startups.

    We begin with an initial conversation to understand your position and goals, devise a strategy, conduct research and ultimately, write the plan.

    If you are starting up a new small business, such as a restaurant, local shop, or craft retailer, we offer the education and support you need to start your business correctly from the beginning. As a small startup, you are at risk of running into unforeseen obstacles that can devastate your business. With careful planning and lots of experience, we will help you plan your finances and operations to limit these obstacles or avoid them altogether. With over 100 startups under our belt, we feel confident we are what you need to achieve your goals.

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