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Customized to Your Investment Needs

We work together in a hands-on process to devise a strategy to achieve your big-picture goal. To assist your business in attaining the rounds of funding necessary, we help determine your best course of action and the materials you’ll need along the way.

The products chosen to support this strategy are professionally created and supported by extensive research, investor friendly writing, and comprehensive financial modeling.

Our guarantee is that your business planning materials will prepare you for approaching your targeted investor, be it high net worth individuals, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms and other institutions.

Business Plan

The Startup Garage prepares expert Business Plans for growing startups. Complimented by our master strategy consulting, business plans are custom-crafted for presenting your business to the targeted investor and supported by extensive research, professional business writing and practiced financial modeling

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a one to five page synopsis of the business plan. It quickly communicates who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re planning to go. We offer executive summaries that are branded for your company and creatively laid out, custom to the structure of your business.

Investor Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck is expertly designed for presenting your business to get investment. Whether you are presenting along side the pitch deck or sending it off to hold up on its own, your pitch deck is created specifically for your investor audience — with the primary purpose to show your ability to take the business to its potential.

One-Page Business Plan

The One-Page Business Plan is a creative and distinct way to make your introduction. It quickly communicates what is important to know, how the business operates, where you are currently and where you plan to go. This is an easy-to-read, one-page graphic, great for crowd-sourcing or introducing your full plan. It will bolster your elevator pitch while demonstrating that you are a progressive and creative company.

Capital Formation

Our Capital Formation Services will evaluate your current structure to develop your strategy and create a course of action to bring in funding, while identifying any variations necessary to achieve long-term goals. We will work together to establish a what investors can expect in terms of security, preferences, and restrictions.

PPM (Term Sheet)

A Private Placement Memorandum, or “PPM” for short, is a legal document created to approach qualified, high net-worth investors. It is custom-drafted by our skilled PPM attorney to spell out your specific liabilities and disclose risks, thereby covering your business from retaliation in instances that things don’t go as hoped.

Why hire a Business Plan Writer?

Between researching, writing, and financial modeling, it typically takes over 200 hours to complete a business plan. Even with the dedicated time, an inexperienced business plan writer or entrepreneur may not have the tools and knowledge needed to position your new business so that it is desirable to investors. By working with The Startup Garage you will not only save time, but see the advantages of bringing on an expert to help achieve your goals.

The Startup Garage Business Plan Writers

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Plan Writer

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