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7 Notable Investor Insights of the Month

7 Investor Insights of the Month from The Startup Garage

Straight from the investors mouth.

7 top insights from investors around the globe.

1. Marc Andreessen @pmarca
Twitter Investor

“The biggest misconception 1st time founders have is that they will always stay aligned with their the co-founders.”

2. Reid Hoffman @reidhoffman
Facebook Investor

“We’ve moved from the information age to the networked age. Are you network literate?”

3. Josh Kopelman @firstround
LinkedIn Investor

“Being a VC is like watching a car accident.”

4. Todd Chaffe @toddchaffee
Dropbox Investor

“Investing in high growth stocks both in private and public markets is a challenging game, just like hockey.”

5. Theresia Gouw @Tgr
Trulia Investor

“Diversity is more than gender and ethnicity. It’s about diversity of thoughts.”

6. Marc Cuban @Mcuban
Sharktank Investor

“Anything you text can & will be used against you.”

7. Jim Goetz @Jimgoetz
Whatsapp Investor

“We’re confident WhatsApp will flourish Facebook just like Instagram. On their way to a billion active users and just getting started.”


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