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4 Features of a Great Logo Design

Components of Logo Design from The Startup Garage

Having a great business logo design is extremely important because even though our parents always taught us “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the inevitable truth is that we do. A great logo design will grab the attention of consumers, be memorable, and create an identity for your company. So how do you create that perfect logo? We read an article over at INC that depicted the 4 important characteristics of a great logo design.

  1. Make It Unique: Stand out against the crowd. Avoid overused symbols like globes and arrows and know your logo doesn’t have to depict your company to the tee. According to graphic designer David Airey, “The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo isn’t an aeroplane. The Apple logo isn’t a computer,”
  2. Make It Adaptable: make sure your logo can convey the same message small scale on a business card or letterhead but also on huge billboards. If it doesn’t, it could affect your brand’s clarity.
  3. Make It Appropriate: make your logo reflect your company’s essence while still being suitable for your industry. Look into colors too – different colors express different messages and evoke different feelings!
  4. Make It Timeless: make a logo that will still be relevant decades down the line. The quintessential example? The “I Love New York” logo from 1975

To read the full article, visit our friends at INC.


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