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Mergers and Acquisition Technology Report

Technology Report for Merger Acquisition from The Startup Garage

Rise and Fall As the technology, media and telecom sector experience massive growth spurred by seemingly endless innovation across the web’s various digital platforms, traditional media is becoming increasingly obsolete. The U.S. Information sector generated $1.26T in 2013 across 37 tech, media and telecom industries.  The industry is projected to increase 3.1% by 2018 despit […]

Narrowing Your Addressable Market Down To Your Target Market

Narrow Target Market with The Startup Garage

Before we go over some tips for narrowing your addressable market into a concise target market, lets first define these terms. Addressable Market The addressable market is the group of people (or businesses) whom might be interested in what you are selling.  It is the broadest umbrella of potential customers that your target or service […]

America’s Health Craze Leads to Healthy Margins

Healthy Lifestyle Entrepreneur News from The Startup Garage

Though America still tops the charts in diabetes, the country is increasingly becoming concerned with the negative health effects of certain foods.  As a result, the food industry has seen an influx in healthier food options, both from new companies as well as large manufacturers. Higher Margins Given that health-conscious consumers are generally willing to […]