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Work Part-Time and Offer Consulting

Part-time Contract Work from The Startup Garage

Work Part-Time

Although time will be tight when starting a new business, money will be even tighter. It’s not an ideal situation due to the time and energy juggling, but sometimes picking up extra part time work can provide you with enough cash flow to keep you going. Entrepreneurs are admired for their constant drive and enthusiasm to what whatever it takes to get their business off the ground.

It would be smart if you could find work in the industry you want to start your business in. By finding a complimentary job, you can learn skills and jumpstart ideas from your daily routine that can be applied at your own company. You can also meet people that may have connections that will help you later on in your career – connections to legal advice, web designers, and office supply rentals. If you can build good relationships with your coworkers, they will be far more inclined to help you when your business launches with connections, or even by being your first customers. However, be discreet and conduct yourself with integrity at work; it would be completely unprofessional and embarrassing to get caught using office resources like printers for your business flyers while you are at work.

Many companies can generate extra cash by offering consulting services to other firms. Being an expert in your field, you can use your knowledge to help other struggling small businesses owners through a small fee that you can flip and instead use towards your own efforts.

Besides the obvious extra cash flow, added benefits include learning first-hand what customer needs and desires are. This new knowledge can help to improve your product as well as allow you to create new relationships and networks with other business owners.

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