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Social Entrepreneurs carry out the work by launching and growing Social Enterprises. Focusing on the creation of social capital versus profit, these entrepreneurs use business principles to address social issues. They create social value with their work by identifying social problems and taking opportunities to improve them with new and innovative solutions.


Social entrepreneurs are motivated by their desire to see a change in the world they live in. They see problems within social, economic, and environmental settings and refuse to stand by and see nothing be changed. They must constantly develop new and innovative solutions to problems in a constantly evolving society and are driven with the aim of creating social value versus financial profit.

Components of Social Entrepreneurship

1. Social Entrepreneurs identify a social need that lacks the means, whether financially or politically, to progress without direct external aid.

2. A proposition must be formulated that will address the issue at hand that will creatively tackle the social challenge.

3. The enterprise be created and established with the direct purpose and vision that they will ensure an improved social setting for society.