Marketing Plan

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The Marketing Plan is a document to comprehensively organize a company’s marketing strategy and efforts. The marketing plan typically includes:

  • An overview of the sales goals, contact types, sales funnel, target market, marketing goals, timeline, budget, and marketing team
  • A market analysis of market segmentation, market trends and growth patterns, market size and potential and target market information
  • An industry analysis with an industry overview, industry participants and industry trends and growth patterns
  • A competitive analysis with a competitive overview, market share analysis, listing of direct competitors and indirect competitors, competitive advantages and barriers to entry
  • A product description with an overview of products and services, product and service advantages and product liability
  • A statement of the company’s mission, vision, core values and purpose
  • A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis
  • A positioning statement
  • A branding section with a company overview, current client profile and ideal client profile
  • A pricing strategy
  • A customer service plan
  • And a section on marketing strategies, overviewing the marketing programs, direct sales plans, planned networking events, advertising, the referral program and strategic partnerships.