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Ansir Innovation Center is part of a larger organization, Ansir Corporation, which consults with and incubates technology companies in San Diego County. Ansir Innovation Center is an incubator located in San Diego specialized in commercialization and globalization of local innovations. It offers entrepreneurs office space (desks and meeting rooms), mentorship and access to educational and community events. Ansir Innovation Center combines its efforts, with its rich resources, to accelerate entrepreneurs’ success process. Ansir translates to “world harmony” in Mandarin which according to co-founder Ping Wang, “is a reflection of both the neighborhood we are located in, as well as our overarching global and collectivist philosophy.”


The Ansir Innovation Center’s mission is to accelerate local entrepreneurs’ success process through offering them office, mentorship, and access to educational and community events.

Size Business Served

The Ansir Innovation Center serves independent professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs and startup groups.

Industries Served

The Ansir Innovation Center serves all industries in the non-profit and for profit sectors.


The Ansir Innovation Center offers qualified applicants the Incubator Program. This program includes: 6 month to 1 year free incubation space at Ansir Innovation Center, dedicated monthly mentors hours through the Ansir Innovation Center’s mentor network, possible angel funding between 15-25K, acceleration services that can jumpstart startup(this includes recruiting, marketing, commercialization services, etc.), and introductions to venture capitalists and strategic investors.
The Ansir Innovation Center also helps startups commercialize their concepts, from design and manufacturing to marketing and sales. The Ansir Innovation Center’s partner Mytek own a 62 acres manufacturing facility in Tijuana, and it also has intense experience in manufacturing and marketing, possessing top sales channels built in the past 20 years. Mytek’s expertise can provide great support to the entrepreneurs’ commercialization.
Additionally, The Ansir Innovation Center is committed to growing the startup and tech community here in San Diego, whether it’s through their events such as Hackaway Friday, Startup CRIBs, AT&T Mobile App Hackathon sponsored by Qualcomm, and AT&T Developer Lab. The center also offers their space free of charge to technology and startup focused Meetup groups. Applicants can have flexible hours at the facility for as low at $100 month. Wireless internet is provided, as well as access to a projector and meeting rooms with white boards.


Yanhui Z, Operation Director
Soren Nielsen, CEO of Devant Technologies
Ping Wang and Bin Li, Cofounders

Contact Info

4685 Convoy Street #210
San Diego, CA 9211

PHONE 1-888-882-8833