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The ActSeed community is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, economic development agencies, educational institutions, incubators and all people who want to contribute to disciplined business-building and reduce the unacceptably high failure rate of small businesses. ActSeed is dedicated to emerging companies, entrepreneurs, investors and others who contribute to small business growth.

The mission of ActSeed is to: 1. Bring together all relevant individuals and resources that are dedicated to new business creation and seed stage growth into a dynamic community 2. Provide a scored/rated profiling process to guide seed stage preparation and planning 3. Give each member the means to efficiently connect with other members

Launched in 2008, ActSeed claims to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, including: – First-time and seasoned entrepreneurs – You and old entrepreneurs – Self employed entrepreneurs – Service based and product based business models – Idea stage and growth stage startups – Local lifestyle businesses to the next big thing

ActSeed was conceived, launched and founded by Bill Attinger, a business veteran with 20 years of entrepreneurial success with four successful startups under his belt. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Attinger pulled from his own experience of struggling to find useful tools and resources that are targeted towards helping business startups take their business idea and mold it into a solid business model with a clear strategy and business plan behind it.

“It’s challenging for entrepreneurs to quickly find actionable tools, establish professional connections and nearly impossible to find investors,” said Bill Attinger, CEO of ActSeed. “I decided to change that by building a focused social media platform for small businesses that offers a concentration of important resources available in one place. We are committed to helping reduce the unacceptably high failure rate of small businesses by emphasizing business planning and execution. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs efficiently implement their ideas so they have the best chance to succeed.”

Prior to ActSeed, entrepreneurs would turn to social media networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. While these sites are great for expanding one’s network of professional service providers, these sites do not focus on the information, contacts and services that matter at this stage of the business lifecyle. ActSeed provides a complete “business toolbox” for entrepreneurs and manages an online network to connect startups with the stakeholders that they need to be focusing on (investors, service providers, educational institutions, economic development agencies, and workers with specific talents and availability.

An additional resource that ActSeed provides is a self-profiling tool – referred to as a custom due diligence report – that scores a company’s preparedness across seven fundamental areas of business-building as well as an information library that helps entrepreneurs address key issues. These resources empower startups and entrepreneurs to measure and express their ability to execute a plan and enhance the chances for success. It also takes it one step farther than just identifying potential issues by providing resources for overcoming these issues.