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Founded in 1994, the San Diego Software Industries Council has been helping San Diego’s high tech businesses develop. By offering exceptional networking and educational opportunities, critical workforce development programs and valuable company benefits to its members, the San Diego Software Industries Council spares no efforts to bring the region’s high tech industry to the next level.

Mission Statement

The Council exists to foster and support the entrepreneurial spirit within the software and IT industry in San Diego, by providing an organized forum for the exchange of ideas, sharing of resources, and promotion of industry goals.

Industries Served

San Diego’s high-tech industry

Size Business Served

Start-ups, established industry leaders or providers of services to the industry

Services Provided/Costs

Memberships vary from $150 to $20,000.

Entrepreneur Membership annual dues = $150

Corporate Membership

1–10 employees annual dues = $250

11–25 employees annual dues = $395

26–100 employees annual dues = $750

100+ employees annual dues = $1,400


SDSIC Business Interest Groups hold monthly meetings that provide technology and IT professionals a networking environment where attendants can discuss marketing and technology issues. There are usually 6 meetings a month. The topics constantly change to fit in the software industry’s board reach and ever-changing nature.
The SDSIC holds special events to present the latest technology, changes in the marketplace and changes in the law. The SDSIC also produce yearly events in association with the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. This event is to highlight the significance of the analytic cluster in San Diego, and it attracts attendants throughout the U.S.
Besides holding events and meetings, the SDSIC provides a marketplace for its members to promote their products and services.

Future Plans

The Council’s future plans include fostering communications and networking opportunities among its members, creating and maintaining a link between the software industry and local educational institutions, and promoting a mutually beneficial dialog between San Diego’s software industry and local government. These objectives will be accomplished through events, presentations, roundtables, and committees organized and sponsored by the Council.


Mike Alfred, Director

Contact Info

3525 Del Mar Heights Road, #339

San Diego, CA 92130

Phone#: (858) 793-6655