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Top Cities for Venture Capital Activity

Entrepreneurial Density and Venture Capital

The chart below looks at the total amount of dollars spent by venture capital firms as well as the total number of deals on a per-capita basis.  As we can see, Boulder came in third behind San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara (AKA Silicon Valley) and San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont.

Cities for Venture Capital from The Startup Garage

The map below provides a visual depiction of the chart above:

Map of VC Deals from The Start Up Garage

Maps and statistics provided by TheAtlanticCities.


Only the Partial Story

While San Francisco appears to be beaten out by Silicon Valley in terms of venture capital activity, we have to keep in mind how population is affecting this number.  In terms of total dollars invested, San Francisco attracted some $7B in VC funding, compared to the $4B in Silicon Valley.


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