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Time Spent Preparing To Raise Startup Funding [Infographic]

Time Invested To Raise Startup Funding

Since 2008, The Startup Garage Team has helped entrepreneurs achieve the milestones that investors evaluate by thoroughly preparing the business and investor documents. Our clients are typically the founders of high-growth companies in mobile, web, manufacturing, hardware and consumer brands. From their experiences, we aggregated the amount of preparation time it takes for a founder to have the best chance at successfully raising startup funding. We then broke down their time investment across the four main tasks that founders perform:

– Strategy and Planning

– Operations

– Business Development, Marketing and Sales

– Pitching and Fundraising

It gives us great satisfaction to mitigate the time burden and stress of planning and fundraising, so that entrepreneurs can “break free of the time crunch”. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Client Testimonial page. If you are in a fundraising or business planning mode, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your growth strategy.


Time Invested To Raise Startup Funding


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