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How Does A Convertible Note Works For Startups?

A convertible note is an investment instrument intended to provide a startup company with early stage financing. It’s a compromise of sorts, blending the downside protection associated with a loan and capturing the upside potential of selling equity shares. Why are they used? It can be very difficult for investors and entrepreneurs to agree on […]

How To Measure and Achieve Product/Market Fit

TSG_ProductMarket from The Startup Garage

Product/Market Fit is a term that was coined to define the process of creating a product that resonates with a specific target market(s). Taking this definition a step further, Product/Market Fit is proving sufficient demand within a target market segment to justify the spending of capital (human and financial) in order to begin scaling the […]

How to Determine Your Startup’s Valuation for Investors

Startup Valuation from The Startup Garage

Startup Valuation One of the biggest questions from startups is, “How much money should I ask investors for?” What they should really be asking is, “What is my company’s valuation?” You must know how much your company is worth before asking for any amount of money. And when you do, you want to make sure […]

Angel Investment Trends in Q1 2013

Angel Investor Trends in 2013 from The Startup Garage

Angel Investor Valuations Remain Strong Angel investor median deal sizes increased as valuations remained strong in the first quarter of 2013.  The majority of deals went to healthcare, mobile and internet startups.  Highlights from angel investing in the last quarter include: The median angel deal size for Q1 2013 reached $680K – up 5% since […]

How Startup Valuation Works

How Startup Valuation Works from The Startup Garage

A valuation is simply an estimated value of a company and is often based on assumptions surrounding the company’s current and future potential. There are several factors to consider when valuing a company including the startup stage that the company is in, prior successes, how much money is needed and for what purposes, the type […]

Asian eCommerce Investment Report

Asian eCommerce Investment Report from The Startup Garage

While financing in the Asian eCommerce market remains hot, exit valuations remain rather dreary. Since 2010, $6.9B has been invested in Asian eCommerce companies across 383 deals from venture capital investors.  Both deal volume and funding activitiy to the region are up 30% and 56% year-over-year respectively.  Not surprisingly, India and China dominate the majority […]

M&A Update: Medical Device Valuation Multiples Decline in 2013

Medical Device Valuation Multiples Decline in 2013 from The Startup Garage

Since 2011, 252 private medical device companies have been acquired. M&A deals levels. In the trailing four quarters (Q2’12 to Q1’13), there have been 132 private medical device companies acquired versus 97 in the prior four quarters (Q2’11 to Q1’12) highlighting 36% growth YoY.  Almost 9% of the private medial device M&A exits have seen […]