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TED Talk on Pitching to VCs from “The Pitch Coach” David S. Rose

TED Talk on Pitching to VCs from “The Pitch Coach” from The Startup Garage

As an entrepreneur, David Rose has raised millions for his own companies.  As an investor, he has funded millions more.  According to the “The Pitch Coach,” the single most important thing that the VC is going to be investing is YOU.  “Therefore, the entire purpose of the VC pitch is to convince them that you […]

Pay to Pitch? NEVER

Pay to Pitch? NEVER from The Startup Garage

Your start-up should never have to pay money to pitch to potential investors. Several “angel groups” will express interest in your start-up only to inform you later that they charge a fee, sometimes up to $5,000. Some of these wealthy angels argue that these fees act as a filter. First, a potential investor should be able to tell whether […]

The Executive Summary

The Executive Summary from The Startup Garage

While the strong>Executive Summary will be the first thing that people who are reading your business plan will see, it should be the last thing that you write. You are selling your concept to an outsider, possible future investor or a partner, who does not know anything about your business yet. The Executive Summary is […]