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What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit

What You Need To Know About Starting a Non-Profit from The Startup Garage

Corporations usually acquire funds from government agencies and private foundations. They use these funds to achieve goals that aim at improving social benefits. If you want to fund a non-profit corporation and effect positive changes to the community, check out the following list. It will enable you to gain better understanding about the benefits and […]

The Structures of Social Enterprise

The Structures of Social Enterprise from The Startup Garage

We are beginning to see more and more companies begin to blend their traditional corporate structures with a more modern obligation to philanthropy and social awareness. Social Entrepreneurism is on the rise and suddenly profit isn’t the only driving force behind big business. Across the nation, various legislations have passed to establish new corporate structures […]

Overview of Common Non-Profit Legal Issues

Non-Profit Legal Overview from The Startup Garage

There are two categories of common legal problems this post will discuss: the problems that arise by virtue of being a business (contract, employment and personal injury issues) and the problems that are common to non-profits (fundraising, lobbying, profit-seeking).  Here we will explain the former as they are more simple, and will reserve individual blog […]

Stage 4 of Non-Profit Incorporation: State Filing

State Filing Non-Profit Incorporation from The Startup Garage

Once all your federal forms have been filed, you can move on towards your state-specific forms. Each state varies in what type of forms they need submitted for non-profit organizations but a few of the typical forms include: Application for state tax exemption California requires a separate application for exemption from state taxes: Form 3500 […]

501(c)(3): Public Charity vs. Private Foundation

501(c)(3): Public Charity Vs. Private Foundation by The Startup Garage

A public benefit corporation that files for tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3) to the IRS is further classified into one of two categories: public charities and private foundations.  The two classifications differ in the amount and type of paperwork that must be filed to the IRS, and you can read up further on the specifics on […]

Overview of the Types of Non-Profits

Overview Of The Types Of Nonprofits By The Startup Garage

Now that you have decided to start a non-profit organization, you must consider which legal structure you wish to use.  The most common form of non-profit is the non-profit corporation, and later in this blog series I will explain how you can file for incorporation if you wish to do so.  If you don’t want […]