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VCs Bet on Mobile App Development

Venture Capital Bet on Mobile App from The Startup Garage

Mobile is the Rage & VCs are Taking Note Corporations from banks to fast food to software firms are turning to mobile app developers to build mobile app devices for their customers.  Given the popularity of mobile devices and the apps that make them great, venture capital investors are chomping at the bit to get […]

Mobile is Transforming Consumer Retail Behavior

Mobile Retail Development Trends from The Startup Garage

Multi-Device Retail Preference Multi-device usage is quickly becoming the norm in consumer behavior.  Consumers will research a product on their phone or iPad, test the product in a brick-and-mortar store, and go home to purchase the product online from their laptop computer.  While this shift to multi-device usage can make it difficult for marketers to […]

Angel Investment Trends in Q1 2013

Angel Investor Trends in 2013 from The Startup Garage

Angel Investor Valuations Remain Strong Angel investor median deal sizes increased as valuations remained strong in the first quarter of 2013.  The majority of deals went to healthcare, mobile and internet startups.  Highlights from angel investing in the last quarter include: The median angel deal size for Q1 2013 reached $680K – up 5% since […]

Seed VC Funding in Silicon Valley On The Rise

Venture Capital Investment Trends from The Startup Garage

Seed VC Funding in Bay Area on Pace for Record Year Seed funding in the San Francisco area appears to be on pace for another record year.  Seed deals in 2013 have seen a massive push towards the mobile sector with a contraction to the online sector.  Seed funding to both San Francisco and Silicon […]

Investment in Mobile App Development Industry is Soaring

Mobile App Development Trends from The Startup Garage

VC Funding in Mobile App Development Still Hot Since 2012, mobile app development companies have taken $262M in VC funding across 36 deals, which accounts for 59% of the $446M to the mobile app development space overall.  Some of the largest acquisitions included Kony Solutions at $18.3M in a Series D round from Telestra Ventures […]

6 Classes of Mobile Startups That VCs Find Interesting

6 Classes of Mobile Startups That VCs Find Interesting from The Startup Garage

As most consumers nowadays would agree, one of the most useful consumer devices is the smartphone.  VCs happen to concur.  With that said, they find some spaces in the mobile tech sector to be more exciting than others.  Below is a list of the 6 top sectors that get VCs excited: 1. B2B Business Solutions […]

Create an Effective Online Presence

Create An Effective Online Presence from The Startup Garage

The environment of the web is continually changing, the weighted importance of real-time content, social integration and mobile compatibility rising significantly in the last few years. These changes are creating opportunities and challenges for companies and organizations of all scales and experience depending on adaptability and preparation. Your online presence is created by the ongoing […]