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7 Common Tax Mistakes Made by Startup Businesses

A common misconception among many entrepreneurs is that their startup will not face any tax filing requirements while in the early stages of the business. However, this is not the case. If you incorporate your business or form an LLC you have tax and other government filings that are due, even if you had little […]

Avoidable Legal Dilemmas Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Although the verdict is still out whether or not entrepreneurship can be taught there are a few legal problems that all entrepreneurs can avoid with some proper foresight. 8 Startup Situations Every Entrepreneur Wants to Consider 1) Founder’s Agreement: Most co-founders will have some simple planning conversations at the beginning of the venture. However, it […]

The Four Non-Profit Structures

The Four Non-Profit Structures By The Startup Garage

A Non-Profit organization can be structured in several different ways.  Depending on your organization’s liability risk, the type of activities your organization wishes to engage in, and the complexity of your finances, one of the following structures may suit you best: Corporations A corporation is a separate legal entity that has the capacity to sue […]

Overview of the Types of Non-Profits

Overview Of The Types Of Nonprofits By The Startup Garage

Now that you have decided to start a non-profit organization, you must consider which legal structure you wish to use.  The most common form of non-profit is the non-profit corporation, and later in this blog series I will explain how you can file for incorporation if you wish to do so.  If you don’t want […]

The 4 Ways you can Tax your LLC

Ways to Tax LLC from The Startup Garage

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are a growing trend in startup structure due to their personal liability protection without the bureaucratic red tape. But one big decision to make after choosing the LLC structure for your small business is to decide how your LLC will be taxed. There is flexibility with the LLC which is why it so […]