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What Do Investors Want in A Professional Business Plan?

What do investors want to see in a business plan? from The StartupGarage

Welcome to video Fridays from The Start Up Garage A place where Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage’s founder, answers questions directly from our viewers. Key Take Aways From Video: 1. Investors want to see a clean, professional looking, honest, and reasonable assessment of the business. 2. Investor wantwell-sourced research sections, which include the market, industry, […]

How Does the VC Funding Process Work?

How Does The Venture Capital Process Work from The Startup Garage

Venture capital is ideal for early-stage tech companies that have already acquired some seed capital, but are too small for a public offering. By the time you approach venture capitalists, you will have a working product and business model, a user base and market validation, all of your patents and legal requirements in place, as […]

How to Determine Your Startup’s Valuation for Investors

Startup Valuation from The Startup Garage

Startup Valuation One of the biggest questions from startups is, “How much money should I ask investors for?” What they should really be asking is, “What is my company’s valuation?” You must know how much your company is worth before asking for any amount of money. And when you do, you want to make sure […]

Ten Deadly Sins of Writing a Business Plan to Raise Capital

Deadly Sins of Business Plan Writing from The Startup Garage

In order to launch a successful business and raise the capital needed to do so, a startup needs to consider several aspects of the business including the management team, the size of the opportunity, the product/service/technology, the market/sales/distribution channels, the competitive environment and several other factors.  Another key factor is how these business concepts are […]

Seed and Series A Technology Funding Report

Capital Raising Trend Report from The Startup Garage

Tech Seed and Series A Medians and Averages Show Little Change Despite some notable early-stage Juiced and Jumbo Series A round investments in tech firms such as GitHub and Clinkle, the average and median Seed and Series A transactions are showing little change. Juiced Series A deals typically range between $8M and $15M.  Companies raising this type of […]

Top 8 Faux Pas Claims by Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

Capital Raising Faux Pas from The Startup Garage

What Not to Say to Potential Investors Yes, you need to impress an investor if he/she is going to break out the checkbook.  However, there are some common claims made by first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs alike that do not resonate well with investors.  Some of these claims are infamous buzz words that can be explained […]

Seed VC Funding in Silicon Valley On The Rise

Venture Capital Investment Trends from The Startup Garage

Seed VC Funding in Bay Area on Pace for Record Year Seed funding in the San Francisco area appears to be on pace for another record year.  Seed deals in 2013 have seen a massive push towards the mobile sector with a contraction to the online sector.  Seed funding to both San Francisco and Silicon […]

Questions You Can Expect From Investors

Questions to Expect from Investors from The Startup Garage

The Most Common Questions Asked by Investors Statics show that investor receive thousands of plans a year and will only proceed to the next round with 10% of those at best.  Regardless of the type of investor you are targeting (sophisticated individuals, angel groups or VC firms), it is important to be fully prepared to […]

How Startup Valuation Works

How Startup Valuation Works from The Startup Garage

A valuation is simply an estimated value of a company and is often based on assumptions surrounding the company’s current and future potential. There are several factors to consider when valuing a company including the startup stage that the company is in, prior successes, how much money is needed and for what purposes, the type […]

The Importance of an All-Star Management Team

Importance of an All Star Team from The Startup Garage

The most cited answer among investors – and perhaps the most underrated factor among first time entrepreneurs – is the startup team.  There may be a need for your product or service, the market may be enormous, your business model may be attractive, there may be few competitors in the space, and you may even […]