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5 Reasons to Attend The USD V2 Pitch Competition For Entrepreneurs

On Thursday April 28th University of San Diego School of Business will hold an exciting competition in a “Shark Tank” like setting. Top student entrepreneurs from USD and Tijuana will compete for a total of $100,000 in cash and invaluable mentorship and support. The Startup Garage Team Compiled The Top 5 Reasons this is a […]

Why To Take Caution With Investor “Finders”

There are many service providers that offer to help startups with attracting investors, colloquially referred to as “finders.” While they prefer to be called business brokers or consultants, most finders are either CPAs, insurance brokers, retired executives, or former entrepreneurs. They mostly operate in the Angel landscape, targeting deals between $100K to $2M. Typically, they […]

Ready to win over $10,000 in Prizes for your Brilliant Business Idea?

The Startup Garage is excited to co-sponsor in “The Ideator December Challenge.” A challenge designed to bring your business idea into conception. Submissions currently open now until Dec 13, 2015 at 5pm (PST) entering is easy and done completely virtually. Enter here today >>>December Challenge Idea Competition The winner will be walking with $10,00 plus […]

University of San Diego Hosts Competition to Fuel Entrepreneurship

On Thursday April 23rd 2015 the University of San Diego School of Business will hold an exciting campus-wide competition in a “Shark Tank” like setting. The V2 Pitch Competition is a free event with a diverse and action packed agenda including: Networking Reception, Keynote Speaker James Brennen Co-Founder of Suja Juices, USD Student Entrepreneur Pitches, […]

Where to Meet Venture Capitalists?

Where to Meet Venture Capitalist from The Startup Garage

As a Startup Entrepreneur stepping outside of your comfort zone is a daily norm, especially in the search of funding for your business. Scoring a meeting with a Venture Capitalist becomes a network juggling act between strategy and innovation. A key point to remember when approaching VC’s is that the question always on the top […]

The Unsung Heroes of Startup Funding – The Large Corporation

Large Corporations Investing in Startups from The Startup Garage

Sunne Justice sat across from me, explaining her company mission, and her interest in creating a conscious cloud technology business. She had a startup business that had successfully raised 1.5 millions dollars for a cloud technology venture. Listening, I was amazed, “How could a business, 5 years in the making; one that still had their […]

The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council

The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council hosted its first workshop. The event titled, “Making Your Startup Investor Friendly” took place on Wednesday, October 8th 2014 in San Diego, CA. The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council is a group of professionals that serve San Diego’s growing number of innovators, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses. The council’s expertise includes legal, financial, capital […]

The Past, Present and Future of Capital Funding

Past Present And Future of Capital Raising from The Startup Garage

The Past, Present and Future of Capital Funding The Internet and the integration of valuable software into corporate systems, has disrupted almost every industry there is, laying bare vast quantities of knowledge, which in the past was extremely well hidden and only known to a privileged few.  Just 10 to 15 years ago, you had […]

7 Notable Investor Insights of the Month

7 Investor Insights of the Month from The Startup Garage

Straight from the investors mouth. 7 top insights from investors around the globe. 1. Marc Andreessen @pmarca Twitter Investor “The biggest misconception 1st time founders have is that they will always stay aligned with their the co-founders.”   2. Reid Hoffman @reidhoffman Facebook Investor “We’ve moved from the information age to the networked age. Are […]

Need To Raise Capital For Your Startup? Ask A Celebrity

Need to raise capital ? Ask a Celebrity from The Startup Garage

There’s a new breed of angel investors, taking over the tech-funding spotlight, Hollywood celebrities, or rather tech-ebrities. Tech ventures are exciting, popular and trendy, making investing in startups a must have for the rich and famous. The roster of celebrity tech investors include: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Bono, Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kim Kardashian, Justin […]