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Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching to a VC

Venture Capital Mistakes to Avoid from The Startup Garage

Avoid the “How Embarrassing!” Moment No one wants to look dumb — especially while requesting a significant amount of money. As a growing business, it is important to have a firm grasp on the capital raising process — especially if your goal is expansion. The number one concept to understand about Venture Capital is that it is […]

What to Know about Venture Capital

What to Know about Venture Capital from The Startup Garage

What to Know about Venture Capital Venture Capital (VC) firms collect money from a collection of wealthy individuals, insurance companies, educational endowments and pension funds.1 These assets are allocated over a portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Typically between 5% — 10% are assigned to “Alternative Investments.” The alternative investments are the high-risk/high-reward class […]

How to Determine Your Startup’s Valuation for Investors

Startup Valuation from The Startup Garage

Startup Valuation One of the biggest questions from startups is, “How much money should I ask investors for?” What they should really be asking is, “What is my company’s valuation?” You must know how much your company is worth before asking for any amount of money. And when you do, you want to make sure […]

Seed and Series A Technology Funding Report

Capital Raising Trend Report from The Startup Garage

Tech Seed and Series A Medians and Averages Show Little Change Despite some notable early-stage Juiced and Jumbo Series A round investments in tech firms such as GitHub and Clinkle, the average and median Seed and Series A transactions are showing little change. Juiced Series A deals typically range between $8M and $15M.  Companies raising this type of […]

Angel Investment Trends in Q1 2013

Angel Investor Trends in 2013 from The Startup Garage

Angel Investor Valuations Remain Strong Angel investor median deal sizes increased as valuations remained strong in the first quarter of 2013.  The majority of deals went to healthcare, mobile and internet startups.  Highlights from angel investing in the last quarter include: The median angel deal size for Q1 2013 reached $680K – up 5% since […]

Investment in Mobile App Development Industry is Soaring

Mobile App Development Trends from The Startup Garage

VC Funding in Mobile App Development Still Hot Since 2012, mobile app development companies have taken $262M in VC funding across 36 deals, which accounts for 59% of the $446M to the mobile app development space overall.  Some of the largest acquisitions included Kony Solutions at $18.3M in a Series D round from Telestra Ventures […]

Asian eCommerce Investment Report

Asian eCommerce Investment Report from The Startup Garage

While financing in the Asian eCommerce market remains hot, exit valuations remain rather dreary. Since 2010, $6.9B has been invested in Asian eCommerce companies across 383 deals from venture capital investors.  Both deal volume and funding activitiy to the region are up 30% and 56% year-over-year respectively.  Not surprisingly, India and China dominate the majority […]

6 Classes of Mobile Startups That VCs Find Interesting

6 Classes of Mobile Startups That VCs Find Interesting from The Startup Garage

As most consumers nowadays would agree, one of the most useful consumer devices is the smartphone.  VCs happen to concur.  With that said, they find some spaces in the mobile tech sector to be more exciting than others.  Below is a list of the 6 top sectors that get VCs excited: 1. B2B Business Solutions […]

VC Funding for Retargeting Ad Companies Grew by 62%

VC Funding for Retargeting Ad Companies Grew by 62% from The Startup Garage

Retargeting specifically refers to tools that display ads based on previous online activity from search history to website visits. Targeting has become big business with companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook launching their own dedicated retargeting platform. Retargeting covers a variety of different functions such as: Search Retargeting – Companies that utilize consumer’s previous online […]

Angel Investor Portfolio Insight

Angel Investor Portfolio Insight from The Startup Garage

Angel investors typically invest in seed or early stage startups that are seeking between $150,000 to $1M.  Often, a group of six to twenty angels will pool their funds to make such an investment.  The average check written by angels is ~$30,000.  They are typically accredited investors that are investing with the intention of engaging […]