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What Startups Got Funded In May?

Startups That Got Funded In May from The Startup Garage

May Monthly Startup Wrap-up. Find Out Who Got Funded and What Type Of Deals Are Attracting Investment here: May 1st Bookbub the bargain bin for ebooks, secured $3.8 million in it’s first round of funding. May 3rd Waggl the startup survey app inspired by honeybees, secured $1 millionin funding. May 5th Automattic which runs, […]

Is San Diego Poised To Be The Next Silicon Valley?

San Diego Next Silicon Valley? From The Startup Garage

Since the 1980’s Silicon Valley has dominated the startup scene, a place to call home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small Startups. San Diego, although only a few hundred miles from the Silicon Valley, it is a vastly different world, full of sun, surf, and laid-back dispositions. […]

How Does the VC Funding Process Work?

How Does The Venture Capital Process Work from The Startup Garage

Venture capital is ideal for early-stage tech companies that have already acquired some seed capital, but are too small for a public offering. By the time you approach venture capitalists, you will have a working product and business model, a user base and market validation, all of your patents and legal requirements in place, as […]

Building a High-Tech Startup Team

Building a Tech Startup Team from The Startup Garage

Aligning the Startup Team Strategy with the Capitalization Strategy The single most important factor to raising capital for any tech startup is the management team.  This is true for early stage funding as well as venture capital funding.  A bonafide team is the assurance that the idea can be executed and that the business can […]

Seed and Series A Technology Funding Report

Capital Raising Trend Report from The Startup Garage

Tech Seed and Series A Medians and Averages Show Little Change Despite some notable early-stage Juiced and Jumbo Series A round investments in tech firms such as GitHub and Clinkle, the average and median Seed and Series A transactions are showing little change. Juiced Series A deals typically range between $8M and $15M.  Companies raising this type of […]

7 Critical Steps for Attracting Venture Funding

7 Steps to Attracting Venture Capital from The Startup Garage

First and foremost, venture capital firms want to see an entrepreneur with passion and vision.  Unfortunately, this usually isn’t enough to get them opening their pocket books.  Some venture capital firms will have narrow criteria for the types of companies that they invest in while other will adopt a more broad portfolio and invest across […]

A Tech Company without a CTO is like a Bakery without a Chef

Chief Technology Officer from The Startup Garage

Every Tech Startup Needs a Chief Technical Officer Many entrepreneurs of successful tech-based companies do not come from tech backgrounds.  However, the biggest mistake that a non-tech entrepreneur launching a tech business is to neglect bringing on a tech savvy co-founder on the management team.  This is like a bakery or restaurant launching without a […]

Mergers and Acquisition Technology Report

Technology Report for Merger Acquisition from The Startup Garage

Rise and Fall As the technology, media and telecom sector experience massive growth spurred by seemingly endless innovation across the web’s various digital platforms, traditional media is becoming increasingly obsolete. The U.S. Information sector generated $1.26T in 2013 across 37 tech, media and telecom industries.  The industry is projected to increase 3.1% by 2018 despit […]

Legal Tech VC Funding Beginning to Stagger

Legal Tech vs Funding Stagger from The Startup Garage

Although the legal industry is massive ($300B), it is seeing a drop in funding by 16% year-over-year as investments are concentrated at the seed stage and exit activity is lukewarm. Funding to legal tech startups barely topped $100M across 30+ deals, with the largest deal representing 45% of total investments.   Deal Flow Oddly enough, […]

Cross-Border M&A: Focus on Tech Companies

Cross-Border M&A: Focus on Tech Companies from The Startup Garage

In today’s increasingly globalized society, so too are M&As occurring cross borders.    The top acquirers of U.S. tech companies span Europe, Asia and Canada.  Over 2200 private tech companies were acquired across the glove in 2012. Top Acquirers A deeper dive into cross-border M&A activity of US technology firms in 2012 shows Canada and the UK […]