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How To Determine Potential Startup Costs?

How to Determine Startup Costs? From The Startup Garage

Startup expenses are the costs incurred before the business opens its doors. Many first time entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of startup expenses that it will take to launch their business. Before you start making your first expenses, it is important to create a plan of your initial financing so that you know exactly what it […]

What Do Investors Want in A Professional Business Plan?

What do investors want to see in a business plan? from The StartupGarage

Welcome to video Fridays from The Start Up Garage A place where Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage’s founder, answers questions directly from our viewers. Key Take Aways From Video: 1. Investors want to see a clean, professional looking, honest, and reasonable assessment of the business. 2. Investor wantwell-sourced research sections, which include the market, industry, […]

What Startups Got Funded In May?

Startups That Got Funded In May from The Startup Garage

May Monthly Startup Wrap-up. Find Out Who Got Funded and What Type Of Deals Are Attracting Investment here: May 1st Bookbub the bargain bin for ebooks, secured $3.8 million in it’s first round of funding. May 3rd Waggl the startup survey app inspired by honeybees, secured $1 millionin funding. May 5th Automattic which runs, […]

Legal Tech VC Funding Beginning to Stagger

Legal Tech vs Funding Stagger from The Startup Garage

Although the legal industry is massive ($300B), it is seeing a drop in funding by 16% year-over-year as investments are concentrated at the seed stage and exit activity is lukewarm. Funding to legal tech startups barely topped $100M across 30+ deals, with the largest deal representing 45% of total investments.   Deal Flow Oddly enough, […]

Writing Your Business Plan

Writing Your Business Plan from The Startup Garage

Business Plan Benefits You can be sure that writing your business plan will be a time consuming process.  However, undertaking this process is completely worthwhile.  Your plan will help you gain focus, sync all of the supporting programs, develop short and long term strategies, show investors what you are doing and what you are asking, and support […]

The “Series A Crunch” Myth

The “Series A Crunch” Myth from The Startup Garage

Despite the concerns about a crunch, the reality is that the level of Series A activity is holding steady. At the same time, the number of seed deals have exploded. As a result, the Series A Crunch is nothing more than excessive demand for a limited supply of Series A financing. While the number of […]

Big Data Report – $4.9 Billion Invested Across 523 Deals Since 2008

$4.9 Billion Invested Across 523 Deals Since 2008 from The Startup Garage

Big Data investment has been gaining momentum seeing nearly $5 billion of funding over the last five years. 2012 was the biggest year of deals and saw YoY growth of 19.5% over 2011. The graph below highlights the five-year financing trend to Big Data companies. In addition to the acceleration in financing activity, big data […]

Top 5 Benefits of Creating Financial Projections

Top 5 Benefits of Creating Financial Projections from The Startup Garage

An old Woody Allen joke resonates with financial modelers and forecasters: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans.” We all know that financials projections are based on assumptions that likely never come true.  Yet, putting together the financial information for your startup might be one of the most important and […]

Non-Profit Revenue Sources: Donations

Donations to Non-Profits from The Startup Garage

Target the Best Potential Donors Know where to begin your donor search.  It is more cost-effective to strategize who will be most likely to make a donation and target those potential donors rather than spend the time and effort to cast your net as far and wide as possible.  Start with the board of directors […]

Non-Profit Revenue Sources: Grants

Grants for Non Profits from The Startup Garage

Sources of Grants Unlike donations from private individuals, grants come from foundations, government agencies, private businesses and other groups.  As these groups have access to larger accounts, the grants they give out are usually much larger than individual donations. Many grants are only available to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. Grant givers are often looking for an […]